Top Tips to Lower Your BMI – Body Mass Index

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If you are looking forward to start a diet to cut down your BMI rate, it indicates that you require a weight loss diet. We already know what is Body Mass Index or a BMI. So if you increase your weight, your BMI increases and if you decrease your weight, BMI also falls down. We know that higher BMI leads to obesity and obesity is the root cause of several chronic diseases. Diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases to name a few. So it definitely would be worth the effort to decrease your BMI. The Internet is loaded with diets which promote quick weight loss but the point is not to lose the weight quickly, it is to maintain the weight and keeping the extra pounds away.

Let us jot down some of the top tips which you possibly can use to boost your weight loss process:

  1. Diet to lose weight

Any diet which lowers the high blood pressure is good for weight loss. Though originally it is not meant for losing weight since the focus is on consuming green leafy veggies and fruits, whole grains and whole foods it helps in making you feel full for a longer time. The reason being the high fibre content in these diets. You may include low-fat milk and dairy products as well as lean protein such as chicken. Avoid sweets and choose foods low in salt content. Do not sprinkle extra salt on your food items. This diet plan is very flexible and you can cook the foods that you can very easily find in a grocery store. Most importantly, avoid fast food. This is the simplest of all diets and it is a safe, nutritious and effective way to lose the extra pounds off.

  1. Plant-based and lesser carbs diet

Have more plant-based and lesser carbohydrate diet. You can add variation to the vegetarian diet. There is more to do in such diets so don’t think that we are only going to restrict you to eat tofu or sprouts in all the meals. There is a difference in Vegan and Vegetarian diets. So choose which one are you. In Vegan diet, people abstain from any kind of animal product such as Cheese, milk and honey etc. Whereas vegetarians include honey, dairy and eggs. Both these diets include lots of fruit, veggies, grains and legumes. It is their high content of fibre and proteins which makes them very safe to consume. Also, people with vegetarian diets will achieve lower BMI faster than the non-vegetarian diet people. You may consider abstaining from meat as the plant-based diet is the future. Include whole grains, veggies and fruits and top those with healthy oils such as canola oil and olive oil, which are good for the heart also. Occasionally you might want to try lean meats and fish, well that is up to you.

  • If you are considering a diet lesser in carbs then you must first know that in this case weight loss happens when the body starts using fat as a fuel source instead of carbs. Have veggies, fruits, nuts, cheese, and proteins. Opt for healthy fats. Include carbs in your diet to a certain limit. Have proteins the maximum time and you can opt for horse-gram or chickpeas if you are looking for something apart from tofu. Stay away from processed food and refined sugars and excessive sodium. Also, make sure that you increase your carb intake every weak or else it could be detrimental to health.
  1. Health and wellness programs

There are many programs available which you can join in at reasonable fees where points are being assigned to the food items. It is generally based on its sugar, protein, fat and calorie content. People get points on the basis of their consumption. Though in this program the people are not restricted to eat any kind of food the main motive is to encourage healthy eating. With introducing healthy eating habits, you can easily watch your weight. So if you rank at an unhealthy BMI, you must join one such program.

  1. Work out

Most importantly – Work out – you must add some sort of physical activity to your routine. Go for a jog or walk, swim or cycle, that is up to you but be aware that exercising will trigger the fat loss hormones and accelerate the process of weight loss. Your BMI will also lower in the process. Include at least 30-60 minutes of high to moderate intensity exercise in your routine. Lift some weights and do some yoga. Aerobics, tennis, bicycling are some of the activities people enjoy. So you may also choose the work out as per your convenience. Go for resistance training. Also keep the activity level higher. Keep moving, use the stairs instead of elevators or escalators. If your work includes sitting for a longer time, take a break and move around after some time. Introduce healthy habits.

Some Important Points to Take Note of:

  1. The BMI Range of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy and from 25 to 29.9 is overweight. If it goes beyond 30, it means obese. Higher BMI is dangerous for health so you need to get in the healthy range of BMI. For that, you need to adopt a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating habits. Though quick weight loss solutions are also available these are not recommended since they have a bad effect on the health in the long run. Get in touch with a health and nutrition expert to get the diet plan designed according to your body type. It is okay to lose 1-2 pounds on a weekly basis.
  2. Sleep for almost 6-8 hours as rest is equally important as diet and exercise. Don’t sleep for more than 8 hours or else you might gain weight.
  3. For women, the minimum calorie consumption per day is 1200 and 1500 in case of men. Lesser consumption of calories will only slow down your metabolism and thus you will not be able to lose weight.
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