Know Your Food Before You Eat

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Food plays a very important role. It acts as a fuel for the body and keeps one going. You need to fill up your body with the right food and right fluids in the right quantity at the right time. To maintain the healthy balance of your blood glucose in the body, make sure you eat healthy foods which will help you recover and will also maximize your performance during a strenuous workout. All the components of the food such as carbs, fat, proteins and vitamins etc. are essential for the body. The internet is loaded with things you should eat before and after the workout but in this article, we will share some of the things which normally people know but do not follow. Adhering these things will help in overall fitness and will also help you in achieving your goal. Below are few myths which people have and we have done our research to debunk them.

Know Your Food Before You Eat – Myth 1 debunked:

Spicy Food is considered good.

People in olden times avoided eating spicy food items as it was known to increase the risk of discomfort and stomach ulcers. However, it is not proved by the medical science that the compounds in spices and spicy food are essentially good for health. Though the tongue burns you still get a bizarre liking for the taste. Let us find out the top benefits of consuming spicy food.

  1. Cancer prevention: As per the research, Capsaicin found in chillies is known to block the cells which produce cancer. It is an irritant for humans as well as the cells which are abysmal.
  2. Weight loss: One of the main health benefits. Eating spices can help a lot in losing weight as they boost the metabolism leading to fat burn.
  3. Improving the sex life: Spices such as Ginseng, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and cardamom etc. are known to improve and boost the sex life. Serotonin – the feel-good hormone is released as you consume spices.
  4. Controls the appetite: After consuming spicy food generally, people feel their appetite decreased. And there is no unnecessary craving.

Now the question arises how much spicy food is good enough and the best time to have?

You can have the spice-rich food at the max three times in a week. Avoid it at dinner time for two reasons. One is the burning sensation can keep you up all night and secondly since the appetite for the next meal would be decreased, it might make you tired when you get up since there would be a lot of time gone between night and morning.  

Know Your Food Before You Eat – Myth 2 debunked:

Are Deep fried foods good or bad for health?

Meet a health specialist or dieticians. The first thing they would advise you to stop consuming would be oil. It is said that using oil in cooking is very fattening and makes a very unhealthy choice since it gives a boost to the bad cholesterol level in the body which is harmful to the heart etc. etc.

But now the question here is that is the fried foods really that bad?

  1. We know that obesity is the brooding ground for many diseases starting from diabetes to cancer. These foods which fried are known to have a high-fat content. Whatever is being fried, it was coated with eggs or flour, it retains more oil and thus making the dish extremely unhealthy. Rather, if you fry something without a coating, it won’t retain much oil. So we recommend that you do not coat your food items with these already fattening things.
  2. Mostly, even in our houses, we reuse the oil every time we cook something. It not only drops the nutritional value of the oil but also of the food getting fried. So the best is to use the minimum oil and do not reuse it as it can be very dangerous for health. As per the research, it may even lead to cancer.
  3. The oil which you are using is also very important to take note of. If you are using the healthy oils such as canola oil, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, the nutrients of these oils get transferred to the items you are frying. So this also means that if you are frying things which are fattening such as potatoes, they will also absorb oil. Thus a threat to your heart’s health. So the best is to fry vegetables as they are also a crispier alternative to binge upon.

What to do if you are still craving for fried food?

  1. Fry the food at home with the minimal oil and also avoid reusing the oil.
  2. Use the oils which are unsaturated and are healthy such as canola oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and extra Virgin olive oil.
  3. Reuse the oil will deteriorate the value of oil and the food as well.
  4. Also, try to put some restraint and consume the fried foods once in a blue moon.

What do we recommend?

A healthy alternative is to bake the food rather than frying it. Having said that, we must know that even fat is an essential component of our diet and should not be compromised on. Be aware of your consumption and do not overeat oily or any food for that matter. Don’t eat to satisfy your taste buds but rather eat as per the requirement of your body. If your lifestyle is sedentary, eating fried can actually wreak havoc on your health. And if you work out, even then try to have as little as you can. Make better choices and you will be happy in the long run. Also, you must learn to read the labels on the food items. Have the food which doesn’t have the trans-fat and saturated fat content. They are better options. Avoid eating outside the home.

If you want to have a healthy life, you need to make smart choices. After all, this is not only about your health or life but also of your loved ones.

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