Importance of Good Sleep with Top Ten Reasons and Conclusion

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Good sleep is very important if you are focusing on losing weight and lowering down your BMI. If you want to derive the maximum out of your training, you need two things at the max. One is a good nutrition and other is a good rest or a recovery time. So whatever type your body is, a key to the recovery is a sound sleep. It has a number of positive reasons and effects on the human body. Sleeping has an effect in producing testosterone which is a growth hormone and enables muscle growth. Therefore if you want to recover after a strenuous workout session, sleep for an hour or two. Make sure you switch off the electronic devices and the lights of your room before dozing off. As any additional light during your sleep could have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep.

Top 10 reasons why good sleep is important?

  1. A good and a sound night sleep are incredibly important for health. Just as exercising and healthy eating habits. But due to the western interference, we are not sleeping as much as we did in the past. This could be one of the reasons for obesity as poor sleep has the tendency to make gain weight. People who take a sound adequate sleep tend to be healthier than the ones who sleep for a shorter or a longer duration. The range of sleeping should be between 6-8 hours. Sleeping lesser than 6 and more than 8 hours can make you fat both in adults and kids. So if you are trying to bring down your BMI, take a good quality sleep.
  2. People who sleep adequately tend to consume fewer calories. People who are sleep deprived eat more calories and generally have a bigger desire to eat. They also end up eating unnecessarily. Lesser sleep fluctuates the hunger hormones and therefore poor regulation of eating habits.
  3. Good quality sleep can actually improve the productivity levels as well as the concentration. If a person doesn’t sleep well, his bodily functions of cognition, productivity, concentration and performance are all negatively affected. Also, the effect is more or less like an alcohol intoxication or impairment of proper brain function. Whereas good sleep is known to enhance memory and boost the problem-solving skills. It is in the case of both adults and kids.
  4. If you want to get the most out of your work out good sleep is necessary. It can enable good athletic performance. An adequate sleep improves accuracy, speed, mental wellbeing and reaction time. Whereas lesser sleep shows poor performance in exercises such as slower reaction, lower body strength and difficulty to coordinate.
  5. Lesser sleep puts an individual at a greater risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. The quality of sleep, as well as the duration, is known to have an effect on the health. But it inadequate sleep also comes with a number of risk factors such as chronic diseases and heart diseases. People who sleep for less than 6 hours and more than 8 hours are at a great risk of developing heart issues and stroke.
  6. With good sleep, metabolism is increased and reduces the risk of type II diabetes. In people who sleep for a lesser duration, blood glucose and insulin sensitivity increase putting them at the risk of diabetes. Whereas good adequate sleep increases the metabolism and eliminates the risk of type II diabetes. A short duration of sleeping is linked to diabetes so it is better to sleep adequately.
  7. Depression is most likely one of the effects of lesser sleep. Poor sleep leads to a plethora of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and cognition etc. those who are suffering from depression more likely sleep for a shorter duration. Depression can even lead to suicidal tendencies. People take sleeping pills and an even overdose of such leads to health issues.
  8. Good sleep improves and enhances the immunity system. Even for one day if an individual doesn’t sleep well, it affects the immunity system. People develop cold and cough, nausea, heartburn and even headache. In this case, even if you try to take medicines, it doesn’t really affect the problem. So if you frequently get cold, try sleeping for 8 hours every night. Sleeping adequately will not only improve the immunity function but will also make you get rid of common flu.
  9. Good sleep decreases inflammation and poor sleep increases it. The cells in the body tend to get damaged and it has an undesirable effect on the body. The bowel movements can be painful and it also increases the risk of many other problems. Quality of sleep can actually put an effect on the inflammation in an individual’s body. Some doctors even ask the number of hours a person sleeps in order to understand the reason for inflammation. So if you want to get rid of long-term inflammatory issues, try sleeping adequately.
  10. Quality and duration of sleep can actually affect the emotions and interactions. If we do not sleep adequately, our hold on our emotions and our ability to communicate hampers. People who do not sleep also do not recognize the expressions and emotions of happiness and anger. It becomes very difficult for them to process information on the emotional level. They become more and more wary and it can also lead to people committing crimes such as murders.


Looking at the advantages and the possible risks associated with the sleeping patterns, it is very important to sleep for an adequate duration of time. If lesser sleeping can disrupt the human behaviour and emotional patterns so can the excessive sleeping. So take an adequately sound sleep. Also, try adding some workout or exercise to your daily routine as it can help you immensely. You will get tired and you would get a sound sleep. Just the kind you need. Also if you have any issue, there is a phrase that you can sleep over it. So try that instead of losing sleep Over it.

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